Tax-free Shopping

Tax-free shopping is available at our shop. The following is tax exemption procedures:

《Eligible Persons》
(1) Foreign (non-Japanese) nationals who have entered Japan within the last six months (excluding persons working in a Japan-based office)

(2) Japanese persons residing overseas who have temporarily returned to and been in Japan for less than six months.

《Required Documentation》
Applicant’s passport

(1) When you purchase the products, show your passport.
(2) Sign the purchaser’s agreement.
(3) Consumables will be packed in a specified bag. Do not open this bag until after you have left Japan.
(4) When leaving Japan, show your passport at customs. The purchase record attached to your passport will be collected by custom officer.

《Purchase Amount for Tax-exemption》
Purchase total for a single day in the same store: between 5,000yen and 500,000yen (tax excluded). (We sell consumable items only at our shop.)

* Consumables must NOT be used while you are in Japan.
* Purchased products must leave the country within 30 days after the date of purchase.

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